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more stuff. [20 Jun 2009|12:57pm]
So many twists and turns in the last two months. I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Good news is that life is good. Money problems still abound, but I'm living happily.

Seems like every time I update here, fewer and fewer people are using Livejournal. Quitters!

Saw four movies yesterday. Hopefully will get a chance to see "Tetro" soon, as well as "Food Inc." and a few other limited releases. Went to a friend's birthday gathering last night at a bar in Wicker Park. Actually had a really good time, despite not typically loving the whole "bar" thing.
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yep. [15 May 2009|11:04pm]
admittedly, i'm drunk. I don't drink beer i drink hard cider.

Today was the last class of the semester, next fall (hopefully) being the last one for me. I've been attending school since sometime in 2004, and had already finished a year long trade school at that point.

Tonight I got dumped by my girlfriend. She's leaving town for a month to work on a film, and then leaving in September to live in Los Angeles.

It all makes sense. It just sucks.
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[08 May 2009|04:22pm]
Life is to be:

A) Understood
B) Conquered
C) Endured
D) ???
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yeah. [20 Apr 2009|02:15pm]
fuck you, i made a twitter.

what about it?!

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[11 Apr 2009|02:26am]
i miss most of my friends. it's lonely here in Pilsen.
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Hungry For Attention. [02 Apr 2009|12:08am]
i keep failing to post in any regular fashion, and thus i end up with giant swaths of information to dump into this silly journal.

i'd love to fill in the gaps, but no one has that kind of time. i will say that i shot a movie about two weeks ago. ideally that means i have more free time from now until summer, but i'm supposed to be using this time to play catch-up and to get some other shit finished (an older film, and the beginnings of my new project).

the most recent movie ("Hungry For Attention") is bordering on spectacular failure, mad genius, or entirely mediocre. i'm hoping it's at least fun to watch, though the faculty in my program found nothing much to like about the footage. still, the rest of the audience that watched the hour-long, unedited showing of our raw footage actually laughed and seemed to like it. so we'll see. i want to believe that a good film is lying amidst the technical and creative issues we had while filming, but it's too early to tell. i think we have it. i think a good movie will come of us, even if it's flawed.

it's fucking heart breaking to have your mentors become disappointed, or even unpleasantly surprised. it's obvious that i have more to learn, and thus not appropriate for me to respond with, "well, at least i like it." i do have a lot to learn, even if i was crazy enough to like the footage.

i'm thinking about moving back to the north side of chicago, as my neighborhood is becoming more and more inconvenient (despite being cheap as fuck, and charming in its own way).

rehearsing with my two lead actors for this most recent project was probably the most fun i've ever had on a film. i'm hoping that can continue through the rest of my career.

on the subject of some incredibly difficult (and eventually problematic) crew members on "Hungry For Attention," my directing teacher said, "if you have a bad apple, don't pluck it from the basket, pick it from the tree." I think that sums up the entirety of what may have gone wrong on this film.

overall things are good.
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TMI? [17 Mar 2009|10:15pm]
Lately, I've had the urge to use this place to post some of the stuff I normally keep to myself.

A few of my friends have created filters for people that might care about that sort of thing (a TMI filter, if you will).

If any of you fine folks want to opt-in, let me know here or through email (oneonetwothree at gmail dot com). I'll probably add a bunch of you just for the hell of it, though I apologize if it isn't your thing.

I promise it won't all be about my incredible sex life.
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the volcano. [15 Mar 2009|01:09pm]
four days until principal photography for "Hungry For Attention."

i don't feel prepared, but it's hard to tell if that's just my neurosis or an objective conclusion. there's so much to do between now and then that i am trying not to overwhelm myself by thinking of it all at once.

yesterday was a pretty good day for chrissy and i, all things considered. still lots of tumult, but this time because we're finally able to talk about the things that we've been unable to talk about with each other before: the people we've been dating. it's still heart breaking for me, 10 months later. but it's getting better. i think we'll actually be good friends.
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[13 Feb 2009|12:10am]
I discovered a blog that is, as the kids say, "pure win." It's called Fuck My Life (www.fmylife.com). It's basically the demon-spawn of a blog like PostSecret.

a sample entry:
"Today, I listened to my room mate having sex from 3 A.M. until 6 A.M. When I looked over at my girlfriend, who must have thought I was sleeping, I noticed she was masturbating. FML"


"Today, after being in the hospital for 2 days with no visitors, I got my first phone call. It was my best friend asking if he could date my ex girlfriend. FML"


"Today, I sent a text to my boyfriend saying 'Come over and have sex with me.' He never responded. FML"

I'm in the thick of pre-production on a film that shoots in about 6 weeks. We don't have a functional script yet, which has been a noticeable source of anxiety for me thus far. I have an average of 3 to 6 hours of meetings a day, I have nearly 400 e-mails sent or received relating to the film since the script dropped in my lap 14 days ago, I still work 25 hours a week, and I have 14 credits worth of classes and homework to keep up with. It's been a pretty busy month.
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[08 Feb 2009|01:48am]
I saw the movie "Push," which is about people with psychic powers and their struggle with various government organizations bent on manipulating them for their own ends.

It was surprisingly not shitty, though deliciously campy at times. Dakota Fanning's performance was actually not bad.

Chew on that for awhile.
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[07 Feb 2009|11:09am]
i love how so many people are so fucking stupid that when the weather is cold for awhile (during winter no less), they immediately and "humorously" declare the phenomenon of global warming to be false. For some reason Al Gore's name is always mentioned.

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[05 Feb 2009|09:41am]
spent the entire last week in meetings for my movie, for the most part.

my tattoo will probably be gross and scabby for another week, but when it's not I'll post a picture. I do want to make a small addition to it already, though!
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[01 Feb 2009|11:44am]
i got my first tattoo yesterday. i would post pictures, but all i have is my shitty camera phone, and the pictures look bad. when i DO get a decent camera, my tattoo will be all bumpy and peely. so it'll just have to wait! it's on my forearm, which means they had to shave the hair away, and that makes the area look really pink and freakish.

i'm directing a film this semester in Columbia's "Advanced Practicum." the Practicum films (6 of them are made each spring) are paid for by Columbia, and getting a key position means having to compete with (in my case) dozens of other people. now that i'm in, i get to work with a team of producers, and all my department heads are people we chose based on their previous work and their approach to our material. last spring i was the production designer on one of the films, and my performance with that had a lot to do with why i am now directing (the other 5 directors are much, much further into the directing program at the school).

our script is currently called "Hungry For Attention," but i don't know why the writer chose the title because it's bad and has nothing to do with the plot. the gist of it is that on the day of their 5 year anniversary, a stay-at-home boyfriend discovers that his long-term girlfriend is having an affair. to get retribution, he kills and cooks her pet hamster into the meal he was preparing for that night (in fact he has to go to the pet store to get more hamsters, as the one didn't provide enough meat to finish the dish). after she eats, but before he reveals his own dark secret, he confronts her. he's stuck with a bigger dilemma when it turns out that she isn't having an affair after all, but is actually pregnant.

it's a dark comedy, but the script we have to work from is not very funny, nor is it very dark. aside from re-writes to help polish the story (the characters are weak, it has no theme, and the structure is poorly written), i need to do a lot of work to ensure that this doesn't become an adam sandler/american pie/meet the parents style "gag comedy." i want it to be a lot closer to british humor (in bruges/shaun of the dead/man stroke woman), and have the tone and style of the thing be very naturalistic. no sitcom shit.

it will be a challenge, because we just got the script and we shoot in 7 weeks. yikes!
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[27 Jan 2009|11:32am]
last week I meant to send my friend Jason (8footwookie) a text message that read, "Okey Dokey."

My phone's autospell changed it to, "Oldy Foldy."

I decided to send it as is, with a followup sentence that said, "which is my phone's way of saying Okey Dokey," so that he would understand what I meant.

I accidentally hit Send early, thus creating a message that no one in the world could have deciphered:

"Oldy Foldy. Which is my shoe"
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[26 Jan 2009|10:15pm]
Here I am, clocking in an update for the new year with hopes of many more to come (both updates and years, not necessarily in that order).

I live by myself in a 2 bedroom apartment in Pilsen, which costs me $550.00 a month, and is located in a Hispanic neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The few square blocks in my immediate vicinity are called "The Heart of Chicago" on any map that's worth a damn. I can't find any good places to eat, places to drink, or places to hang out here, but there's a vintage clothing store, a few train stops, several convenient buses, and a Salvation Army store. I have a pet cat named Tio, who suffers from separation anxiety if I leave the house for long.

Most of the grocery stores here sell shitty pre-packaged, shelf-stable food, so I usually rent a ZipCar or take a bus to a different part of town to buy groceries. I have to do my laundry at a laundromat 1/2 a mile from my house, but said laundromat is called "Fun Wash" and is open 24 hours a day. The dryers are free, so I can make my clothes as dry as I want! Only once have I smelt feces while there, and it was emanating from a suitcase that belonged to a portly homeless man. Occasionally men come in with duffel bags filled to the brim with bootleg DVDs, and no matter what time of day I go there I am guaranteed to encounter between three and fifteen feral children who are not within eye sight of their disinterested parents.

It's been twenty to thirty degrees colder every day for the past month than historical averages would predict, meaning this winter is so far earning a grade of (at best) a C-.

In the past 8 months I have:
-discovered that I enjoy cooking
-confirmed that I am going to get a tattoo
-confirmed that I dislike bars
-discovered that I am worse with money than I could have possibly guessed
-confirmed that sometimes I prefer to be alone
-confirmed that sometimes I can't bear to be alone
-discovered that I am capable of carelessness, malice, and false pride
-discovered that I have taken good people for granted
-discovered that I am a bad person
-confirmed that I am not a bad person

Today I started my second-to-last semester at Columbia College. I'll be directing one of the six Practicum films produced by the school this year (last year I was a Production Designer, and both positions were acquired via an aggressive and proactive campaign wherein I convinced several teachers and faculty members that I was somehow more experienced and more capable than my list of achievements would indicate). Mondays and Wednesday I have a class called "Body Tune-up and Conditioning," and on Fridays I have a class called, "The Literature of J.R.R. Tolkein." I predict that this will be a very rewarding semester.
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robbed? [10 Nov 2008|01:22am]
So chalk this up to one of those seriously confusing events in life. confusing, and shitty.

I left my house today at 4pm to hang out with a friend, then came back at 9pm. I then sat at my desk and used my computer for a couple hours. ok, everything pretty normal there.

Well, I get up to get ready for sleep at around midnight, and I realize that my fucking television is gone. as in, vaporized, missing, stolen, whatever. just gone. I'm completely shocked, because i'm not THAT much of a zombie that I wouldn't have even noticed someone had broken in. but like, there was NO sign of anyone or anything out of the ordinary.

My front door: not forced open. My windows: I'm on the 3rd floor, not even possible. Was the door locked when I left? yes. Who has keys? me, my friend mariah, my landlord. Did your landlord do it? really, really unlikely. mariah? not even possible, she was work, and she wouldn't have anyway. Who else knows where you live? Barely anyone, i never have people over. I've never had a party here, and less than 10 people EVER have been in my place since I moved here in June. Did my neighbors do it? possible, but still doesn't explain everything.

So I'm trying to fathom what the fuck has just happened, and I still don't get it. I'm currently posting from my computer (a G5 dual core Mac tower, worth at least $1200 if not more due to my 5gigs of RAM). I'm looking at my two 22" dual LCD monitors. I'm looking at my high-rez photo scanner. my external harddrive. my nikon D70 digital SLR. my wireless router. my collection of 300 DVDs. All of it is here, untouched. not even rifled through. not even glanced at.

the dude even left my DVD player, which was plugged into the fucking television with a $50 HDMI cable. he didn't even take the cable! he just left it all.

literally all that's missing is the TV itself (32" Samsung LCD, worth $850, barely even used and practically fresh out of the box), and the remote for the TV. he didn't even take the DVD player remote, just to be sure he had the right one. he took ONLY the tv, and ONLY the tv remote. did he sit there and test which remote was for the TV so he had the right one? if he had the time for that, why didn't he take anything else?! he didn't even pocket a few DVDs!

WTF?!?! Like, however the fuck this magician got into my apartment on the 3rd floor in a locked building with literally no visible sign of entry, why did he only take one thing? I mean, it sucks, I'm really pissed, like really pissed, and I feel pretty unsafe because I have no idea what I did wrong to allow this to happen (careless? thoughtless? what?)... but like, what on earth? I was gone for 5 hours, and the people in my building wouldn't have raised an eyebrow if they saw him because they barely know me. He could have left with everything I own.

you know what else is crazy? i had a full sheet of freshly baked cookies sitting on the stove top for fucks sake! i'm not even joking! he didn't even take a cookie!

He could have left the door open, the window open, anything. But no, he was inside and out so fast my cat didn't even run out, and my cat ALWAYS runs out when she can.

Did he like, stop my cat from getting outside whilst carrying a 32" television in both arms? my god. I'm so confused.
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[26 Oct 2008|12:25am]
first LJ post i've made in months. It's because I can't believe how amazing this guy is:


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is this thing on? [29 Feb 2008|02:49am]
i haven't updated my journal in forever! jesus! does anyone even have me on their friends page anymore? this is like going back to a place you used to work and realizing that the only person who remembers you is the manager that nobody liked.

i am having a hell of time staying ahead of the work load this semester. i'm the production designer for a Practicum movie called "Out Sold," which is a 1960's dark comedy about a door to door salesman. it's ridiculously work intensive, and it's all shit i've never done before.

i had to give a 15 minute presentation for my Human Rights class today about racial tension in the united states. i was so nervous and under-prepared that i nearly threw up afterwards. threw up! for a class that's not even for my major! what kind of neurotic bullshit is that. i was told afterwards that i appeared as though i had given the presentation before, or as though i had once worked closely with an advocacy group. i think that means they couldn't tell i was nervous and bullshitting the entire time. score!

in other news, i've developed a love for the following:
depeche mode, phil collins, duran duran, billy joel, INXS, tears for fears, the soundtrack to Amelie
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water part 2! [27 Jan 2008|12:25pm]
because i know you guys want more watery action, here's a second video, recorded about 20 minutes after the first one.

it's like disaster porn!

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water! [26 Jan 2008|01:56pm]
our house flooded last night, due to a burst pipe in the upstairs neighbor's apartment. the water that dripped through was freezing cold, and dirty as hell from dropping through the ceiling.

the above video is from Ben's bedroom. about 90% of the water came directly through his ceiling, with smaller leaks springing throughout the kitchen and hallway. we had about a 1/2 inch of standing water through the back of the house, which is a lot considering how quickly it was draining through our shitty floor to the basement below.

said dripping water also caused our furnace to shut down for about 2 or 3 hours, which made dealing with the water even more obnoxious than it already was. our house now has about 12 loads of ben's water logged laundry, a water logged futon mattress, shit loads of ben's personal possesions rendered to soggy pulp, and a layer of grime every floor and half the walls.

no, we don't have renter's insurance.
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