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oneonetwothree's Journal

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i enjoy learning things, and someday will be a professional movie director.

i was an assistant video editor for a little over a year. meanwhile i was a projectionist for 4 years. then i was a maintenance person at an old folk's home, which was both interesting and excruciating. then i worked at Trader Joe's, which is the best job i've had to date. now i live in wrigglyville in chicago and attend Columbia College.

i like to read, and listen to music often. i like science, i play video games, and i am a photographer as often as i can remember to bring my camera. i've never had alcohol, smoked, or tried any controlled/illegal substance in my life. i avoid caffeine. i don't believe in god, and i think spirituality is both pointless and counter-productive.

i'd like to turn my interests into a rewarding and well-paid job. if that doesn't happen, it will be my fault.